Motorsport DNA.

Beginning in 1972, BMW M took the Motorsport scene by storm, racking up countless victories at some of the most iconic races in the world. Since then, M spread rapidly from its racing roots, instilling Motorsport DNA into design and engineering of every M vehicle ever produced.

Legendary Engineering.

Five decades of masterful engineering lie at the heart of every new M model. With prolific power, state-of-the-art engine technology, advanced suspensions, and near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution, every M elevates the Ultimate Driving Experience® to the highest possible level.

A Community Like No Other.

Canada is home to the largest M community in the world. And however different our drivers and their vehicles might be, there is one passion that unites us all. We are many. We are one. #WeAreM.

An Electrifying Future.

50 years of pushing the boundaries have come to this: The new BMW XM Concept. More electrifying, powerful, and forward-thinking than ever, the XM is proof that the future of M will be just as bold as the past from which it came.

The BMW XM Concept


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